Land Scopes is a construction company that engages in property development.

The term property development refers to the information, directions and services as a total, required for the implementation of investment projects. Collecting the appropriate information and conducting technical studies, we develop well-founded design proposals which obtain maximum value of the initial investment’s capital.

The expertise gained from the experience of three decades allows us to provide the best possible result in the construction of building complexes, independent houses and apartments.

Aiming at the construction of modern buildings and building complexes of European standards with respect to the environment, we specialize in the field of Property Development where we:

  • Conduct research and proper utilization on the topology of the project.
  • Conduct research on the land use and the compatibility of the investment
  • Executions of all issues of the urban planning department that relate to the properties.
  • Executions of traffic issues of the properties.
  • Executions of environmental issues of the projects.
  • Search in order to find the suitable land and properties for exploitation.
  • Sale of properties.
  • Granting of land and property.
  • Studies, approvals, permits and supervision of project construction.

The stages we follow are:

  • We perform research to find the appropriate property location.
  • We assess the suitability of the site.
  • We manage the purchase and sale price of the property.
  • We perform financial analysis of outflows - inflows.
  • We determine the funding schemes and legal forms of the property management.
  • We perform the construction study and implement all stages of development and completion of the property.